5 Aug

I took my PCT State exam today…. and…I… PASSED! Woooo! That takes a load off my shoulders. 🙂 I had to perform 5 skills for the examiner today, and 2 of them I had never done in “real life”.. I had just seen it done in the lab. I guess I remembered okay, because I passed!!! This means I can work at the hospital as a Nursing Assistant (my titles are CNA-certified nursing assistant, PCT- patient care tech, etc.). Hopefully this fall I’ll be able to work with my mom and sister-in-law downtown at Baylor. OH- and, I managed to pull off a 95 on my chem test that I thought I failed. What in the world?!? Even though today ended up being great, I am SO glad it’s almost over 🙂

Now off to straighten the curly beast on top of my head!

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