K for Kimber

22 Sep
I had the day off today so I headed to Hobby Lobby for no reason whatsoever. I love to just get lost in that store.. I’ll stand in the isles holding a couple of my favorite clearance items in my hands trying to figure out they could possibly fit together into one piece of art. Today, the paper mache letters weren’t on sale, but they were cheaper than some I’ve seen at Joann’s. I grabbed a ‘K’ and wandered around the store for another 20 min. thinking of ways I could make it cute when I ran across some scrapbooking paper in the clearance section… most of it was ugly grandma paper that really should never come back in style.. but then….. I saw this paper! It matched the colors of my room exactly and was so cute! I grabbed 3 sheets at $.35 and made my way to the front.. I looked down at my phone and realized I had been in there for an hour…ah oops! (Today I am supposed to be studying for my Microbiology lab test.)
I put my finds together and here is what I came up with for around $4:)

I saw one like this at Anthropologie not too long ago and loved it but I didnt feel like paying $50 for it.
I also found this frame for $.50 at a garage sale this weekend and put it on my wall with some old notes Jeremy wrote me about 2 years ago 🙂 I bought the letters for ‘LOVE’ at Hobby Lobby not to long ago and painted them this weekend an orangy-pink color to match my bedding. The wall is a work in progress.. I plan on getting more frames and other cute wall art pretty soon 🙂

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