Fah-ree… FREE! and GNO wknd

25 Sep
I am now the proud owner of two lovely matching chairs off the side of the road as of today… complete with their son, a side table. (I’m not even going to ask how two chairs fell in love and made a side table, but I can’t say that I mind!). I saw the posting in the ‘free’ section of Craiglist earlier this afternoon.. lucky for me, it was 2 minutes from Jeremy’s apartment!

Excuse the quality of the pic… it’s from Jer’s phone.. I wish I had a picture of the chairs. 😦
This weekend, I am going down to A&M with my girlies to visit Kayla! I’m so excited!! FAME, Midnight Yell, sleeping in, laughing till I pee (or Natalie pees..sorry!), my last weekend with anything other than water to drink, FOOD, long talks, pillow fights… wait. that last one wont happen. ha.. 

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