About Me:

I am a twenty-two year old crafty/creative goofball who is constantly mixing things up  around the house because I get “bored”. I am married to the most incredible, hardworking redhead you will ever meet (ok, the most amazing MAN ever, his hair color won’t stop him from being the best). We met in church six years ago, have been together for 4, and married for 6 months. We (try to) live our lives in accordance to what the Lord has called us to do. Currently we are in a preperation stage of our lives. Jeremy is going to school to be a Physical Therapist and working part time, while I work full time and help him manage his school work. We love our life and wouldn’t trade it for the world!  (Photo credits: Two Pair Photography– check them out, amazing!!)

This blog will simply mirror our day to day life, our ridiculously silly moments, spirtual epiphanys, DIY, and much more! We wanted to have a semi-documentation of what the first couple of months/year of our marriage was like and you get to be along for the ride!

Let me paint (abstractly) for you what the life of Jeremy and Kimber is like. On any given day, after work & school of course, you can find us at home eating. No joke. We love food, but eat in moderation. Usually we are plopped down in front of our box-tv (this tv has some booty, so no, its not a flat screen) on our white IKEA couch that sinks to the midde because, well, it’s old. We love working on projects around the house together. I think it knits us together more. I love having that sense of accomplishment after we finish that we can share. 🙂 it’s a sweet moment. If we aren’t at home, we are at our parents house, eating (you guessed it) and usually laughing. Laughter is such good medicine! Ah, we are blessed!

Why missy mae?

Good question! It’s simple. My father nicknamed me “Missy Mae” the day I was born. Ever since then, it has been a special nickname that only my parents have used to address me. It’s endearing and I love it. 🙂

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