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don’t mind if i do…

20 Feb

I love anything with mint. I can consume deadly amounts of it if I don’t have supervision. It’s a little embarrassing. Jeremy usually has to tell me when to quit because he knows I’ll regret it later. :/ Ok. I just lied. I don’t love all things mint. I am not a fan of Extra’s Dessert Delight Mint Chocolate Chip gum. It just made me disappointed that I wasn’t actually eating mint choc chip ice cream. It was just ‘meh’. My niece absolutely hates mint. I tried to give her a  kiss one time and she pushed me away because she could smell my chapstick. Rude. She also can’t stand to brush her teeth with anything other than Tom’s strawberry toothpaste, and if she smells your minty fresh breath after giving your teeth a nice wash, she’ll shove you away. I don’t get it. I guess I’m like that with bananas…..but my disgust with bananas will have to be it’s own post.

I found this recipe earlier and I am really tempted to try it. I’ve never made truffles before, so I’m kind of nervous.

this is now on my to-do list for this week. :] yummo!