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i love the sense of accomplishment :]

9 Feb

Remember when I was having ridiculous issues with the tension on my sewing machine while trying to make this bag? Well, guess who was a silly goof? 😉 I was threading the bobbin wrong all along and it was giving me grief every time I would try to sew. On Monday night, a few of us girls went to my mother-in-love’s house to be crafty and create junk, and they showed me the proper way to thread a bobbin. It was glorious! I have been a sewing fool ever since then. Thank you, Sara Kay!

Tonight, I sat down with my lovely machine, prayed over it (of course), and threaded my bobbin…the correct way. I pulled out the little zip lock bag that held all of the pieces to the pattern and whipped up a dainty little bag for my sister’s birthday. I am totally ruining her surprise but I honestly don’t think she will mind. I tell my sisters everything so I am forced to let them know of my accomplishments. Plus, I am so excited and I just can’t hide it. :] I think she will understand.

COMMANDMENT: check out Gussy, the one who inspired it all! She is amazing. If you love ruffles and all things cute, she is your girl. I’ve decided that I want to be blog BFFs with her. No laughing, it will happen. 🙂


i heart sewing.

2 Feb

I decided to teach myself to sew at the very end of October 2010, when one of my friends needed a cape for her Wonder Woman halloween costume. Neither one of us knew how to thread a sewing machine or bobbin at that point. We watched youtube video after youtube video just looking for something that would help us. Sure enough, after reading the manual watching countless videos, we figured it out. (We were like Lucy and Ethel with that darn machine… it was quite a sight!)

In November, I really decided I wanted to learn more than just ‘how to stitch a straight line’ so I took on the task of teaching myself (and am still teaching myself). I have learned about tension (again, still learning!), following a pattern, creating a pattern, and much much more. For a while, I was really irritated with my machine because the tension issue was eating away at me. I didn’t even want to look at it (that is why I only have a handful of projects completed). Through different blogs, especially Gussy, I’ve really been inspired to sit back down at my machine and really hash it out. I mean, who doesn’t get frustrated every once in a while? I was to the point where I wanted to chunk it out the window. SO glad I didn’t. Or else I wouldn’t ever be able to make gifts like these for friends anymore:

  • Shirt: $5 Target shirt with double pleats made from an old white T in Jeremy’s drawer :]
  • Baby shoes: made for a friend who should be having her baby any day now!
  • Coffee Cozy

What I’ve learned: [in the past 3 months]
1. Walk away when you get frustrated.
2. Measure twice, cut once. [Kim from Oh Sweet Joy told me today about this really cute printable on her blog! love it…& her!]
3. If you notice you are not caring as much about the project as you did in the beginning, walk away. No one likes sloppy work.
4. Pinning fabric together is a necessity.
5. Tension issues are inevitable. Adjust the tension for different fabrics and thickness.
6. When Jeremy calls me away from the sewing machine to snuggle on the couch– go cuddle. He comes first.
7. read. Read. READ. (and study) the pattern and instructions.
8. It’s ok to break a needle. It happens.
9. No pain, No gain.
10. Keep chocolate nearby. Thanks Mandy for the Smarties!


excuses, excuses

1 Feb

For about a week now, I’ve really been thinking about the sweet conversation we had with some of our friends a couple of nights ago.

When I get to [that] point my life, I’ll do [that].” or “Once [this] happens, then I’ll start working on [that]” or “Once I get more money, then I’ll start saving.”

I can’t get it out of my head. It has really been stirring up something within my heart and I think it’s time to act. What’s the point of waiting for something to smack me in the face before I decide to really grasp ahold of what I’m called to do? The Lord has humongous plans for my life and I’m just sitting back lolly-gagging around. Why? no good reason at all.

I’m ready. I’m ready to start applying this to all areas of my life. I want to be able to look back and think, “wow, look at how far I’ve come.”— with the Lord’s help, of course.

I think I’ll have that thought with this project:
I made my little brother-in-law a wallet for his birthday. I had a hard time finding a pattern, so I made one for myself. Don’t laugh. It’s a start :] I’m in the process of teaching myself to sew, so with that comes lots of embarrassing projects. But I’m just gonna throw this out there and if you like it, good, if not, just toss it right on back  be nice. :]

I love his sweet little 5 yr old heart. He didn’t mind that the stitching was way out of control, that I measured wrong, or that I didn’t match the pieces up just right. He didn’t even see my mistakes and imperfections. All he saw was the super awesome lighting bolt on the front, the pocket for money and his coupon book for iphone apps & cupcake dates.  He thought it was perfect. :]

So with that being said, I’m moving forward. No more excuses.

the tension is killing me!

17 Jan

I needed to take a break.

I’m trying so hard to make this bag and the tension on my sewing machine just will not work with me. Either its too loose and jamming my bobbin, or its so close to being at the right tension/stitch length ratio that it wont work. Any suggestions? I am literally 5 seconds from tossing the sewing machine out the window and calling it a night. But- I shall move on. Practice makes perfect, right? Right.

I will conquer this machine! 😉



update: I put it away for the night, needed a breather 🙂 I’ll get back to it tomorrow!

but, while I was “taking a breather” I found this and fell in love.

woooo weee I think I need this room! Isn’t it so great?