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DIY: doily garland

28 Feb

If you’re like me, you love lace. I think it is so dainty and can go with anything. So does my friend, Rachel. Her birthday was this weekend and I was all about decorating for her big day. A couple of girls went out to eat and then came back to my place where we devoured Nothing Bundt Cake, played in front of our hand-made photo booth, and laughed until we almost peed our pants… which is not hard to do with this group. :] Ah it was SO fun. I absolutely love girl time, especially with these lovely ladies.

When I was decorating the apartment, all I could think was, “If Rachel was a party, how would she decorate?” Ok. so that meant, LOTS of lace and doilies, rosettes galore, pink. pink. pink., yummy cake, unique/eclectic decor with a modern spin, lots of pearls, leopard prints, candles, the list goes on and on. Now, not all of those things made it to the party, but I did my best! She is a pretty fantastic cook, so I didn’t even attempt to make anything for her. I’m too intimidated. :]

So… in honor of Miss Rachel, I made some circle garland and YOU can too!


  • various paper (I used solid scrapbook paper and pages from an old book, but printed baper, notebook paper, or magazine pages would also be really cute!)
  • paper doilys
  • glue stick
  • circle punches- 1.5″ & 2″ (you could also cut them out with scissors, but I’m too impatient)
  • sewing machine

1. Punch holes in each of the different papers. I cut out the edge of the doily to give the circles a more textured look

2. Glue together the papers in random order. I didn’t really have any rhyme or reason to the way I glue them because I wanted each one to have a different look and feel.

3. Gather all of your circles and sew them together.

and wahla! You just made yourself some super cute garland!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!! xoxo


P.S. Do any of ya’ll have any photography wisdom to lend me? I have a Canon Powershot SD880 IS and would love a better one, but I’m not quite there yet. I would like to manipulate the manual settings, but I have no idea what to do… and then I’m not quite sure how to edit photos yet to get rid of all the ugliness. Any ideas? thanks!


a little bit of this, a little bit of that

24 Feb

Our apartment is full of eclectic finds from all over the metroplex. I have about 6 or 7 flea markets, thrift stores and neighborhoods where I search for treasures and vintage items. It has become a hobby for me and I feel like I get a high off my weekly trips. A lot of people ask me how I find such unique items and I never really have an answer for them. I guess I just go in with an open mind and never really search for a specific thing. I know I won’t find it if I do… story of my life!

Chelsea Ling at Paper*Cakes Finds gives some really great tips for those of you who are wanting to start thrifting.

I thought I would add a some of the many items in our house that we thrifted.

ah this is one of my all time favorite finds!
Picnic Basket- Thrift Town- $5

Vintage flour, sugar, coffee & tea canisters- Garage Sale- $6

Mirror- My mother-in-love’s garage sale- we traded items 🙂

This mirror is in the (longer than usual) process of being turned into a corkboard (with actual corks). Who knew corks could be so expensive for such a small bag?? I’ll post pictures when I finish

orange vintage chair- Local Flea Market- $5

1. ceramic dish- Goodwill- $.50

2. milk glass bowl- Goodwill- $1.50

3. Campbells soup mug- Goodwill- $.50

4. various books- Local Flea Market, Goodwill, Thrift town- $.50-$1.50


See! Decorating your home can be fun and cheap cheap cheap! Super cute, too :]

our humble home :)

30 Jan

 So here it is. Our humble “house”. I call it a “house” even though it’s just an apartment. Some think it’s silly that I call it something that it is not, but it gives me a home-y feeling when I refer to it so I just set other’s comments aside. Who cares what other’s think, right? They don’t get to live here. We do. One day we will be blessed with an actual house with a porch (hopefully big enough to have two rocking chairs or even a swing). grass, a garden to plant flowers and grow veggies, hardwood floors, a kitchen with a super cute layout, and a couple bedrooms (I would love to have a craft room). But for now, we live here. I love it and I hope you do too!

*Side note: the picture quality could be way better, but I just have to work with what I’ve got*
*Side Side note: I don’t really have anything to say here, I just wanted to write “Side Side note” ha*

Our front entry way.

The view into the kitchen from the hallway.. our “hallsquare” as we like to call it :]

Our kitchen.
We had some friends over for dessert this night :] tons of fun! On the menu was sopapilla cheesecake and fruit salad. Yum!

This is Jeremy’s great-grandmother’s hutch that his mom, Cristie, gave me. We set aside a Saturday a couple of months ago to have a face-lift party for a couple of our favorite pieces. For this one, I took off the doors because I wanted to give it more of a bookcase look and then painted it robin’s egg blue. I think it’s my favorite piece in the house! Oh, and check out my $5 flea market chair. love it!

Our living room.
It’s a constant work in progress because I change it up so much. Right now, I’m in the “inspiration stage” of this room for the 32,345th time. Since this picture was taken, I have added more things to the bare walls. I want to hear your thoughts!

Oh- and take a look at our engagement book on the coffee table made for us by the one and only Two Pair Photography. If you’re ever looking for super awesome, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious photos, use them! I have a feeling you will regret it if you don’t!

And last but not least, our infamous couch.
Isn’t it lovely? ha, stop laughing. Yes, I know it bows in the middle and yes, I know it’s very uncomfortable at times, but it’s ours and it works for now :]


So that’s our little place! I hope you had fun on the tour! I’ll show our bedroom another day, so don’t go anywhere :]