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uhh that’s awkward

8 Feb

Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself “Did I seriously just say that? Oh my gosh. I’m that awkward person in the room.” Well, let me tell you something….I am that person. It happens to me ALL of the time. I don’t get it.

Last night I was seeing someone that I haven’t seen in a really long time.. Here’s what went down:

Me- “Hey, how are you?” (lean in for that awkward side hug)
Them- “Great, how are you?” (semi hugs back)
Me- “Doing really great, how are you?” —- FOR REAL did I just do that? awesome. ohh ha..uh.. ha I just said that. ha”

So I walked off… you could call me the awkard conversation ‘fleer’.


Or how about the time you see someone (just one person) at Target and it totally catches you off guard and then you say, OK well see you guys later!” (you guys??? great, now they think that I think that they are fat.)

Or when someone says. Happy Birthday girl” and I chime in with,Happy Birthday to you too!”

I am terrible with conversations with people when I’m intimidated by them. I totally forget everything. I forgot where I worked the other day. I forget where I live when I’m trying to explain the area. I try to remember with You know, over by that new shopping area on 35…what’s that street called? totally blanked.” (ha omg I can’t believe I can’t remember. ahhhh!!) Then they answer with, Oh no, actually I don’t. so sorry.”— well let me just walk away, do some googling on where I live, and get back to you. FOR REAL?!

It’s a bit ridiculous at times. Phone calls are the worst. I called my dentist the other day to schedule an appointment for my husband and I a couple of weeks ago. The receptionist answered and asked, Do you mind if I put you on hold?”. Without delay I quickly responded, “Yes.” in a really upbeat tone. I mean’t “no”. but did that come out? of course it didn’t. She didn’t know what to say. I put her in the awkward spot. awesome.

ohhh man. I need help.

Do you ever have awkward moments? please, tell me them. It will make me feel better. 🙂



excuses, excuses

1 Feb

For about a week now, I’ve really been thinking about the sweet conversation we had with some of our friends a couple of nights ago.

When I get to [that] point my life, I’ll do [that].” or “Once [this] happens, then I’ll start working on [that]” or “Once I get more money, then I’ll start saving.”

I can’t get it out of my head. It has really been stirring up something within my heart and I think it’s time to act. What’s the point of waiting for something to smack me in the face before I decide to really grasp ahold of what I’m called to do? The Lord has humongous plans for my life and I’m just sitting back lolly-gagging around. Why? no good reason at all.

I’m ready. I’m ready to start applying this to all areas of my life. I want to be able to look back and think, “wow, look at how far I’ve come.”— with the Lord’s help, of course.

I think I’ll have that thought with this project:
I made my little brother-in-law a wallet for his birthday. I had a hard time finding a pattern, so I made one for myself. Don’t laugh. It’s a start :] I’m in the process of teaching myself to sew, so with that comes lots of embarrassing projects. But I’m just gonna throw this out there and if you like it, good, if not, just toss it right on back  be nice. :]

I love his sweet little 5 yr old heart. He didn’t mind that the stitching was way out of control, that I measured wrong, or that I didn’t match the pieces up just right. He didn’t even see my mistakes and imperfections. All he saw was the super awesome lighting bolt on the front, the pocket for money and his coupon book for iphone apps & cupcake dates.  He thought it was perfect. :]

So with that being said, I’m moving forward. No more excuses.