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i’ve moved!

26 Mar

Come see me at my new home!


Anthro- you never cease to amaze me.

6 Mar

I just died and went to lie. Check out Anthro’s new wedding line…. B H L D N. simply amazing!

Anthropologie is my favorite store ever. I think if I could be best friends with a retail store I would pick Anthro hands down. It is such an inspiration to me. I get clothing ideas from them, home decor ideas, food ideas (believe it or not..) & gift ideas. In my mind, they set the bar for trends and fashion. We are just kind of in a “awkward friendship moment” right now because they held back and released their wedding line this past month instead of launching it this time last year. Not gonna lie, I’m a little t.o.’d. I would have been using their stuff left and right (or recreating it) for my June 2010 wedding.

[Two Pair Photography]

And it’s not that I didn’t/don’t love every aspect of our wedding, because I really did/do. It’s just that, it’s my FAVORITE store and I just wanted it to be a part of my big day, ya know? Who cares, they still played a part. Our motif was Anthro inspired backyard wedding. We wanted it to look like Anthro came over for the day and threw us a party. We also wanted people to learn more about us as a couple through our wedding. So that meant laid back, super fun, creative and desserts! It was the best day of my life, even if my bridesmaids weren’t wearing one of their killer dresses:

(photo credit)

So… Bethany, Kayla, Caroline, Maria, Sarah…. jump on it!

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

24 Feb

Our apartment is full of eclectic finds from all over the metroplex. I have about 6 or 7 flea markets, thrift stores and neighborhoods where I search for treasures and vintage items. It has become a hobby for me and I feel like I get a high off my weekly trips. A lot of people ask me how I find such unique items and I never really have an answer for them. I guess I just go in with an open mind and never really search for a specific thing. I know I won’t find it if I do… story of my life!

Chelsea Ling at Paper*Cakes Finds gives some really great tips for those of you who are wanting to start thrifting.

I thought I would add a some of the many items in our house that we thrifted.

ah this is one of my all time favorite finds!
Picnic Basket- Thrift Town- $5

Vintage flour, sugar, coffee & tea canisters- Garage Sale- $6

Mirror- My mother-in-love’s garage sale- we traded items 🙂

This mirror is in the (longer than usual) process of being turned into a corkboard (with actual corks). Who knew corks could be so expensive for such a small bag?? I’ll post pictures when I finish

orange vintage chair- Local Flea Market- $5

1. ceramic dish- Goodwill- $.50

2. milk glass bowl- Goodwill- $1.50

3. Campbells soup mug- Goodwill- $.50

4. various books- Local Flea Market, Goodwill, Thrift town- $.50-$1.50


See! Decorating your home can be fun and cheap cheap cheap! Super cute, too :]

curly beast

18 Feb

so Tiffany over at Curly Girly Designs is in my awesome Indie Business 3.0 class and made a comment that she didn’t see any pictures of my curly hair anywhere on my blog. I don’t want to be biased towards my curly or straight hair, so I thought I would give the curly hair a video displaying it’s craziness. 🙂 enjoy.

also, if you have curly hair, PLEASE tell me what you use. I’m always interested in trying out new products!

Indie Business 3.0

3 Feb

OK- I am SOOO excited about something…. I can’t hold it in any longer…..

you ready??


I AM A STUDENT OF INDIE BUSINESS 3.0!!! WOOOHHOOO!! I am like pee in my pants excited. Ok, not literally, but I could run around this house a billion times in excitement and then probably drop dead because of exhaustion—- and I’d still be excited.

My husband is so gracious to me. He sees the gifting that the Lord has placed in my life and is willing to do whatever he can to push me along. Yes, the class is a sacrifice financially, but he is more than willing to make that sacrifice.

Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for the Campbells! Get ready!

new life. new blog.

30 Oct

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure a major life change constitutes a new blog. Okay fine, you’re right… It doesn’t, but who cares anyway? I’ve got one. ——- old blog 

A lot has happened since I last updated.

1. I married my best friend back in June. (June 25 to be exact). BEST day of my life. It completely exceeded the expectations I set for that day. The weather was gorgeous (The Weather Channel said it was going to rain, but the Lord held it off and we were left with sunshine and a breeze), the decorations were stunning, our friends and family were supportive and Jeremy was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was such a holy day. I have loved every minute of  married life with him. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know. He is also the strongest man I know. I love him.

Two Pair Photography— love them!

2. I have embarked on the whole “cooking” journey. HA. Words of Wisdom- 3 inch turkey meatballs are not a good idea–unless you have 2 hours to spend waiting for them to cook. 20 minutes is not a very long time. Needless to say, we were sick the rest of the night…

3. My poor car, Carla, is on her last legs. She’s old and feeble. Recently (after engaging in a “fender-bender”) she lost her teeth. So now she is missing her teeth (grill), hand (driver side door handle), and hair (antenna). Oh, I forgot to mention that she has acquired a mole (rust mark from a dent from when Jeremy’s truck Buster booty-bumped her…). A couple weeks ago, she got a new heart (battery), but the technition said she wouldn’t make it too much longer. Ohhh Carla. You are a mess!

4. I have embraced my love for decorating and DIY. I have always been a crafter, but now that I have my own place, I have exploded. I cannot tell you how many projects I have going on at the moment. The  bad thing is, however, is that I get bored very quickly. I cannot tell you how many times Jeremy has caught me on top of our counter in the kitchen re-doing the tops of the cabinets at 10pm. He’s a trooper though. He helps me in anyway he can. Tonight, he hung our new shelves. I’m blessed.

5. Jeremy is back in school full time while working part time. On a normal weeknight, you can find us in the living room with books spread out on the floor, ice cream in hand and me quizzing him on the physiology of sport. (Either that, or we are taking a break to watch our shows or visit with our family).

Not too too interesting, right? But it’s my life. I love it! I wouldn’t change a thing. I am writing this blog to document our day to day life. You will find humorous stories, DIY projects, recipes  kitchen experiences (after I have completely butchered the recipe), posts on my faith, and whatever else I feel like posting.

Stay tuned. You wont want to miss anything.


We're in the teens, people!

6 Jun

In 19 days, I will be married to the most incredible person in my life. In 19 days, my life will change forever, for the better. In 19 days, I will be Mrs. Jeremy Campbell 🙂

I can’t believe it! I mean its really almost here. I have waited my life for this moment and I am so ecstatic that it’s so close. I’m smiling just thinking about it. Some say we’re too young. Let’s face it, we’re babies getting married. But who cares, right? Ya, there will be tough times and we are going to get frustrated with eachother. That’s just married life. But we will work it all out. We will be just fine. Sounds cliche, but our love will get us through it. Well, really our love and laughter. I love how we make the best out of every situation. We always seem to suck it up, laugh about it, and move on. Jeremy always finds the humor in everything. I love that about him. I love how when we open the fridge and all that is in there is lunch meat and water, he laughs and says “I love being poor with you.” These are the days we are going to look back in 25 years on and say, “that’s when I learned _____” or “It was hard, we had to live simple, but we made it”. We will tell our children, “When we first got married all we had in our pantry was rice, mac and cheese and water.” I love that. We’ve already learned some pretty valuable lessons. We’ve made mistakes and the Lord has whispered in our ears, “Your irresponsibility is not me not providing”……uh, whoa. SO true. He will be our provision and our security, but we have to be good stewards with what he has already given us. We have to do our part if we expect him to do his. Learned a good lesson today, and I can’t wait to learn more with my future husband.

Can I just boast about Jeremy for a minute? He is THE hardest working person I have ever met in my life. He does whatever he can to make me feel secure and provided for. Get this- he mowed 5 lawns today, and worked on a renovating a house to make extra money for us. 7am to 4pm on a SATURDAY. It’s one of my favorite things about him actually. That, and his peaceful nature. He is steadfast, secure, and chalked full of wisdom. Definately a man after the Lord’s heart.


Girls..Girls.. Girls..

11 Oct

It’s 4:15 am and yes I am still awake…. I am having one of those nights where I just toss and turn thinking about every little thing in my life: 1) When to take the HESI A2 test so I can apply to TCU, UTA, TWU… the application dates… 2) why I am so hungry when I JUST ate… 3) why it is so flipping hot in my room 4) where I would be if my old church hadn’t split (I do know I’d be without Jeremy, which is no bueno)… I just miss my old friends. A LOT. 5) why girls are so competitive with eachother… its silly honestly………….Well you get the picture. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you 🙂

Ok but seriously.. why are we(girls) so competitive with eachother? I feel like my life is a constant competition sometimes and its draining! Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty of it too! Brooke (one of my most favorite blogs to read) put it perfectly a couple of weeks ago. Tonight I was reminded of what she said.. you definitely should go read it!


 SUCH a great reminder! k, off to bed!!!

Fah-ree… FREE! and GNO wknd

25 Sep
I am now the proud owner of two lovely matching chairs off the side of the road as of today… complete with their son, a side table. (I’m not even going to ask how two chairs fell in love and made a side table, but I can’t say that I mind!). I saw the posting in the ‘free’ section of Craiglist earlier this afternoon.. lucky for me, it was 2 minutes from Jeremy’s apartment!

Excuse the quality of the pic… it’s from Jer’s phone.. I wish I had a picture of the chairs. 😦
This weekend, I am going down to A&M with my girlies to visit Kayla! I’m so excited!! FAME, Midnight Yell, sleeping in, laughing till I pee (or Natalie pees..sorry!), my last weekend with anything other than water to drink, FOOD, long talks, pillow fights… wait. that last one wont happen. ha.. 

K for Kimber

22 Sep
I had the day off today so I headed to Hobby Lobby for no reason whatsoever. I love to just get lost in that store.. I’ll stand in the isles holding a couple of my favorite clearance items in my hands trying to figure out they could possibly fit together into one piece of art. Today, the paper mache letters weren’t on sale, but they were cheaper than some I’ve seen at Joann’s. I grabbed a ‘K’ and wandered around the store for another 20 min. thinking of ways I could make it cute when I ran across some scrapbooking paper in the clearance section… most of it was ugly grandma paper that really should never come back in style.. but then….. I saw this paper! It matched the colors of my room exactly and was so cute! I grabbed 3 sheets at $.35 and made my way to the front.. I looked down at my phone and realized I had been in there for an hour…ah oops! (Today I am supposed to be studying for my Microbiology lab test.)
I put my finds together and here is what I came up with for around $4:)

I saw one like this at Anthropologie not too long ago and loved it but I didnt feel like paying $50 for it.
I also found this frame for $.50 at a garage sale this weekend and put it on my wall with some old notes Jeremy wrote me about 2 years ago 🙂 I bought the letters for ‘LOVE’ at Hobby Lobby not to long ago and painted them this weekend an orangy-pink color to match my bedding. The wall is a work in progress.. I plan on getting more frames and other cute wall art pretty soon 🙂